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M y parents became Christians when I was two years old, so I grew up in a Christian home. I asked Jesus into my heart at age five. Around the age of thirteen I began to question God and really find out what Christianity was all about. I began to realize God did have all the answers and God was real and loved me but, I was still afraid I would not go to Heaven. I knew what I needed to do so one night I rededicated my life to Christ and really meant it and ever since then I knew I belonged to God. Through high school I stayed involved and went on three missions trips and learned the joy of serving. After high school graduation I lived in Germany and got into the alcohol scene. I did it to fit in, but it just left me empty and it got old really fast.

When I came to college I gave up drinking and got involved with CCF right away. I found a great group of friends that did not need alcohol to fit in and influenced me the right way. I was water baptized and baptized in the Holy Spirit and God set me on fire. But through all of this I was very prideful in my Christianity. One night my during my sophomore year, God showed me that I did not have my life together and I living a meaningless life without Him. Since then, God has given me such a peace and joy in life because I know He is in charge. God has worked on my character to make him more like Him. After four years in college, I have seen the need for God on the campus. God moves in mighty ways, and I want to be a part of that at WSU.

What is your hometown, and what makes it a unique place to grow up? Moses Lake Washington. We have sweet cliff jumping, including a 70 footer if you are up to it.

What do you usually eat for breakfast? A bagel or Eggo waffle

Which superpower would you like to have and why? I would love to fly

Siblings? One twin brother.

Wife / Kids? Not yet, but I am working on it!

Where did you live when you came to college? I lived in Streit Perham my freshman year. An apartment my sophomore and junior year. Rogers Hall my senior year.

When did you start serving as a campus missionary at WSU? I would like to think I started my freshman year reaching out to those in my dorm and all through my college career. But officially, 2013 (the year after I graduated).

What is your favorite spot on the campus you are ministering at? God did some amazing things while I lived in Rogers Hall. Southside Dining Center is also an awesome place to do some Spirit-led evangelism.

What is your favorite place to eat in Pullman / Moscow? Of course I have to say Cougar Country.

Craziest thing you ever saw happen at CCF or CCF event? I met a guy during Week of Welcome named Mike who was interested in coming to CCF. I called the number a day later and the number he gave me turned out to be another guy named Mike who had not been to WSU yet but was coming the next day. This new Mike was also interested in CCF and was blown away with the way God got his attention.

Why do you believe it is worth investing time and resources into college ministry? College is a time where people are searching for something and will sometimes latch onto the first thing they find, good or bad. For this reason, college ministry has an amazing opportunity to introduce students to a personal relationship with Jesus so they actually find what they are searching for. I grew more in four years then I did my eighteen years before college.

One thing I learned throughout college is that many people come to college with lots of pain and brokenness. A college ministry has a great opportunity to bring these people to Jesus and change their lives for the better. There are just so many people in a concentrated area that need the love of Jesus and a college ministry can reach them like no one else can.

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