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I grew up knowing that there was a God. My family had some Catholic roots, but were not really practicing Catholics. We moved often, and I grew up fairly lonely. There was a lot of pain and suffering growing up, and I wished with all my heart that I had someone I could talk to, or call a friend. As I got older, I began to become increasingly bitter towards God. “If God was supposedly good, why did He let all these things happen to me?” Through the grace of God, I befriended some Christians in high school and I heard the gospel truth for the first time in the back of the bus coming home from a Track meet. Finally, I gave my life to the Lord the night before I moved into my dorm on campus.

I signed up for Bible study, church, Bible classes, you name it. I was all in, and I wanted my life to be different. My freshman year of college I was water baptized, started hearing from God and writing in a journal, baptized in the Holy Spirit, and was out sharing the gospel everywhere I went and praying for people on my floor and in my classes. I had been radically changed, and the Lord had started a fire in me. I began to know God Himself. And that, I would say, is the most wonderful part of all: knowing God. Seeing Him, knowing Him, experiencing Him, cherishing Him, making Him my treasure and my end. I’m reminded continually I am a citizen of Heaven, a daughter of the King, and that I have the hope of glory, which is Christ in me. God continued to use me for His ministry the rest of my time in college, and still does to this day.

What is your home town, and what makes it a unique place to grow up? No real hometown, we moved all the time (about every 2 years). But, I think all the moving around has been “a unique place to grow up” because it’s exposed me to a whole variety of people and culture, from rural to suburb to urban. I’ve have a little taste of it all, which helps on college campuses where people come from all walks of life.

What do you usually eat for breakfast? Non-fat plain greek yogurt with a dash of honey, and maple granola. YUM!

Which super power would you like to have and why? I pretty much think Superman and Ironman are awesome, because of their strength and flying abilities. I guess I imagine the joy in flying, and how freeing that is. Also I imagine the confidence that comes with strength, having the courage to do the impossible.

Siblings? I have two younger siblings: Joe and Judith (but we call her Lizzy, her middle name)

Husband / Kids? No husband or kids yet. But someday, God willing!

Where did you live when you came to college? (as in which dorm or other living group) I went to Washington State University, and lived on the 6th floor of Goldsworthy.

When did you start serving as a campus missionary at WSU/UI? 2012 at the University of Idaho

What is your favorite spot on the campus you are ministering at? I LOVE the admin lawn. The trees, the grass, and the piano music coming from the students practicing in the nearby building. It’s pretty great, the arboretum would be close second. What is your favorite place to eat in Pullman / Moscow? Moscow Bagel and Deli!

Craziest thing you ever saw happen at CCF or CCF event? I think it’s phenomenal to see college students going crazy in worship, prayer, and evangelism.

Why do you believe it is worth investing time and resources into college ministry? Many people are searching for meaning, for purpose; wondering who they are and what they were meant for. The answers people find while in college will shape their entire worldview, and that matters. These are future mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, doctors and diplomats, teachers and coaches, business owners and leaders, the list goes on. College students go off to impact many lives well after college is done. The truth must be made known to them: the Lord Jesus Christ is our purpose and our meaning, and that who we are is utterly wrapped up in who He is. This worldview changes everything. It can even change the world.

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  1. 5-28-2013


    Your past testimony is interesting and encouraging I am sure to other students as well. To know that we can still find peace, worth and new direction even after we are in the turmoils of our lives and that includes the craziness of Campus Life and friends is very strong ans endearing to us all. We have been busy, Moriah and myself since the day we spoke with you and Moriah’s other friends in Moscow. Moriah has been touched greatly by your friendship and pryers together. Our family is thankful for your fellowship and support to her, Moriah loves you as a Godly sister in Christ. We will be in touch off and on and hope and pray that your Summer is restful, and fruitful as we do ours as well.

    God Bless

    Ken Sloan
    “Mo Money’s” Dad

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