An activated church with world-wide impact…
from Pullman, WA.

The church continued to grow and see the body of Christ increase in impact. By the late 1990s, conferences were being held regularly to train and equip leaders in the principles of servant leadership. Several new churches were planted, in the U.S and internationally. And Campus Christian Fellowship combined two meetings into one large group of students from both Washington State University and the University of Idaho.

Building the Worship Center

After over ten years in the Family Center, the church was out of room and ready to build again. God gave a vision to see people come from all over the world to be inspired, taught, and equipped by the ministry going on in the Inland Northwest. And so in 1994, ground was broken for the new 22,000 square foot Worship Center. The building was designed to be a welcoming front door to the ministry and a venue for spiritual events.

First worship in the new building

Dedication video

Construction highlights

The church again gave of their time and talents every night and weekend for over a year to see the project finished. In the end, hundreds of thousands of dollars were saved constructing a building that has since become a Pullman landmark. The church held an informal worship service in late 1995 during a work party, and sang “To God Be the Glory” at 11:30 at night.

Ministry Milestones


Campus Christian Fellowship

Two on-campus meetings are combined into one large service in the LFF Family Center


International Ministry Training

Students from around the world come to Pullman for a nine month residency in practical ministry and theology.


AYCC Conference

The first of four “Activating Your Church” conferences is held.


Churches Planted overseas

Dave & Julie Kobelin establish a church in Moscow, Russia. And Paulo & C’Thy Tellini begin a new church in Rome, Italy.

Blast from the past: Pastor Joe dance reel


  1. 9-6-2012

    I saw but a small glimpse of what LFF was in 1998/1999, but I was forever influenced by my participation in your ministry. I loved CCF and as a shy college kid it was a loving, enthusiastic, and welcoming environment to find myself in on a Friday night. Thanks for being so awesome and making kids feel like they are important and have a purpose, even in such a strange place as college. Most sincerely, Meaghan

    PS, I was around during Pastor Gail’s last days in the ministry. I did my pre-baptism consultation with her and she was most gracious and understanding. I will never forget my time with your church. It was amazing.

  2. 8-24-2012

    Thanks for posting this video for us to enjoy. I will never forget those days. Thank you.

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