A time of transition, and a time of proving.

Pastors Karl and Sherri retired to Puget Sound in late 2000. Pastors Phil & Kari Vance were installed as new senior pastors in May 2001, and Pastor Joe Fitzgerald took on leading the college ministry. The church soon transitioned into a new small group structure of ministry, emphasizing relationship with each other as we live life in community. Living Faith Fellowship has become known as a church that blesses the Pullman/Moscow communities, and strives to see people’s lives be radically changed.

Ministry Milestones

  • 2001 – Pastors Karl & Sherri retire
  • 2002 – CCF moves to the Family Center
  • 2003 – Pullman Christian School opens to the community
  • 2004 – Mission trip to Rome, Italy
  • 2005 – First annual Drive-Thru Nativity
  • 2006 – Mission trip to Guyanna, first annual Men’s Retreat
  • 2007 – Pullman Christian Childcare Center opens to the community
  • 2008 – First annual Ecuador medical missions trip

CCF Memories

Campus Christian Fellowship moved into the Family Center Chapel in November of 2002, and a fresh renewal of the heart of worship was begun. CCF returned to its roots in a bare-bones format that focused on relationship with Jesus, and allowing ourselves to go deeper into His presence.

By the mid 2000s, CCF began to grow again. And grow, and grow, and grow. We saw hundreds of people come into the church, become grounded in their faith, and released into greater ministry. Some people even stayed and joined the team, and are raising their families in the church to this day.

“Look to the LORD and His strength. Seek His face always. Remember the wonders He has done.” – 1 Chronicles 16:11-13

2006 CCF Recap Video

2008 CCF Recap Video

2010 CCF Recap Video

2007 CCF Recap Video

2009 CCF Recap Video

2010 CCF Laugh Reel

Honoring our Founders

Tribute to Pastors Karl & Sherri Barden

Pastor Karl’s Memorial


Pastor Karl sums up his time in ministry in a candid 2010 interview.

Looking back as we move forward

Since 1971, many thousands of people have called Living Faith Fellowship home. It would be impossible to know exactly how many lives have been touched by the ministries and outreach of the church, but here are some…

Since 1988, over 2,500 students have participated in BIG WEEKEND and HEARTBEAT RETREAT. Since 1992, over 500 students have participated in the JCD Company, receiving practical training and equipping for lifelong Christianity.

Over the past three decades, the BIBLE FOUNDATIONS and CATECHISM classes have educated over 1,000 students in the essentials of God’s Word. The classes have been translated or are being translated into nearly a dozen languages and have been distributed across five continents. And THE CARPENTER SERIES, GOING FOR THE GOLD, and BASIC GUIDELINES FOR GREATER BLESSING have blessed thousands more.

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  1. 8-30-2017

    I attended Living Fellowship in December of 2015, and would like to come back to the Pullman area. My friends at the time were a lady by the name of Carol, and her son that practiced music. I also participated in the Saturday building maintainance. Hope to hear from your staff. Thank you for your time.

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