“Living Faith Fellowship was the first church in my life that was my decision to call home. After growing up in a Christian home, I was looking for a college church to continue my walk with God. The passion of the church body and its heart for the community is immense. Once at LFF, I found the classes, small groups, and ministries helping me build a stronger foundation and understanding of my childhood faith. It gave me answers to difficult and challenging questions that I had never before questioned in my faith. The teaching and friendships that were built at LFF continue to flourish and bear fruit in my life to this day. Looking back, I know I was blessed to be planted and imparted to spiritually at LFF. I am currently the Manufacturing Engineer at Pedigo Products Inc. and I am planted/serving in Mannahouse Church in Vancouver, WA.”

Neal Bradshaw

Vancouver, WA
At LFF 2002-2007