The Road to Jubilee

This decade was marked by emphasis on connecting with our community. The annual Vacation Bible School has grown every year, especially well-attended by kids outside of our congregation. Pullman Christian School made new connections and now has over 12 churches represented in the student body. Events like the Drive-Thru Nativity transitioned from simple sets to an elaborate production that is now a Christmas tradition in Pullman.

Some of our foundational classes were also updated to allow for better access than ever; MIRROR in 2011 and The Carpenter Series in 2012. Eight of this decade’s Easter celebrations featured a free brunch, as well as the inaugural Helicopter Easter Egg Drop. Many were touched by Redefined, a landmark event featuring powerful testimonies from our congregation.

Following a pivotal Members’ meeting in the spring of 2018, there was an unction to initiate the first capital campaign in our church’s history. Paying off all remaining mortgage debt on our facilities would allow our monthly payment to be directed toward more hands-on ministry. The campaign was launched in October of that year, with two branches of emphasis: 2020 Vision: Living Free, Living Faith for our current congregation, and Living Faith Legacy: Foundations for Generations for our ministry alumni. With our “year of jubilee” on the horizon, where all debts are cancelled, we have great anticipation for what the next decade of ministry will bring!