2005 Easter Presentation – He Calls My Name

Two thousand years ago
Jesus called
and He still calls today.

This original drama depicts how Jesus might have called various people to follow Him. Overflowing with humor, dance, and music, the story also touches the honest struggles the characters face as they choose to follow Jesus and fulfill His purpose in their lives.

A note from the authors:

Nathanael, in chapter one of the book of John, has an experience that changes his life forever; it happens under a fig tree. He expresses something not specifically recorded in the Bible, but something that we believe was real and honest. It is recorded that Jesus came later and told Nathanael, “I saw you under the fig tree,” to which we paraphrase: “I see you when you are real and hurting. I see you in your loneliness. I see you in your everyday life – and I care.”

The circumstances in your life are not by chance, but by God’s divine coordination. He sees the “fig tree” times in your life, and even when it seems He’s nowhere to be found – He’s really very near.