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My husband and I now do youth ministry where we are a part of other people’s lives and give to those younger or newer in faith than me. I think the biggest thing that has carried on post-LFF is that desire to be a part of a church, wanting to be in community and support each other and help each other.

Erin Jordan
LFF 2006-2010
It all goes back to the idea of servant leadership. I was around at Living Faith, and they modeled the idea of, “Hey, you’re in authority to serve those under you.” It’s not an authority so they bow down to you, but it’s so that you can bend down and serve them and use that power to invest in them. Living Faith really helped me by giving me opportunities to lead.
Cory Meza
LFF 2008-2012
Because Living Faith was there, they gave me the foundation and the security and the family that I needed to make the decisions that I needed to make. And they were there when I made the wrong decisions and helped me walk through that and come out the other side of that. And without those types of ministry on a college campus, you lose all those kids. We want them to be saying, “Follow God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. And get your foundation planted solidly in him so that you can impact other lives for Christ and change this world around you.”
John Doe
LFF 1987-2008
It was cool how the JCD Company pushed me to be a better leader, not just physically but spiritually. I graduate in May. I really want to go into ministry. I’m thinking of going to Bible College, getting a degree probably in Divinity, and seeing where God takes me from there. I have a future, and God has given me something in the things that I received here, the people that I met, the community that’s impacted me.
Josh Zilimwabagabo
LFF 2015-present
I believe that Living Faith is important because it’s not just one local community of believers, but because of the impact that ripples out. Looking at my life and what I’ve been able to experience at Living Faith and then take that and move home and share it with everyone else. Living Faith is so much of a sender. It’s a place that builds up and establishes and equips people to go out.
Nick Jordan
LFF 2003-2009
Probably one of the greatest things that I learned in Pullman through my time with LFF was leadership. Not even so much self-confidence, but confidence of who I am in Christ. And from that, I gained a self-confidence that I never could have gotten on my own or from the world or from anything. Just understanding who Christ had called me to be and how he had gifted me and then how he resourced me.
Audrey Rogers
LFF 1997-2008
One of the reasons we love being here is the roots. It’s amazing to be in a church where Aaron got saved. We got married here, we both were water baptized here. We have dedicated four children to the Lord here. We’ve baptized three of our children here, you know, in the same place where we were baptized. When you just stop and look around, it’s just so meaningful because it’s so deep. We’re thankful that this is just a place where you can follow the Lord because everyone’s being encouraged to hear the Lord.
Aaron & Sandy Schlueter
LFF 1996-present
Coming here and seeing how God has used my passion for teaching and my passion for education to bless people here and to be able to love on people now has just made me so excited to be a teacher in the future. I feel like when you’re around so many kids all the time, I have a huge responsibility now to share God’s love with them. He’s called me to share his love with everybody.
Jenna Weaver
LFF 2016-2019
Addictions had really escalated in my life to the point where it had become unmanageable. I had been walking this path stepping into deeper and darker shades of gray that I wasn’t even aware of. The enemy came in so quickly and just wanted to absolutely defeat me. Really had his grip on me. I cried out to the Lord that I need help, and He came in just swinging His sword for my life. He’s like, “I got you. Follow me.” Now, we’re grounded in faith, and we’ve got kids who are on fire for the Lord and want to learn about the Lord. Living Faith has completely changed our lives. I can’t imagine going anywhere else.
Nuri & Robin Nimmer
LFF 2007-present
I met Ellis here and we got married in 2015. We have two kids and one on the way. I was able to repent and be delivered of so many things before Ellis came along. I met him as a free person. I didn’t have this baggage and stuff. I was a healed, whole, free person, and that’s a great way to start. That’s a great place to be a wife, and a great place to “mom” from. There’s just a lot of freedom in our marriage and our home.
Mia Troll
LFF 2006-present
I take a look back and think, “Wow, God has done so much for me.” I want that for other people. I want them to see and encounter God with that same awe and wonder that, “Wow, God did this too,” and can do that through me and fund that and allow my own resources to be able to give back and invest in that, the same investment that I was given.
Jesse Maier
LFF 1988-2008
You’re not just investing in some ministry, you’re not investing in a building, you’re not investing in just people, but you are investing in a calling and a calling that is sending people out. You’re gonna get a hundredfold on your return because this community is not just keeping people for themselves, they are sending people out all over the world.
Melissa Jensen
LFF 2001-2006