A new decade, a new season of growth...

The 1980s marked a new season of growth for the expanding church. After a short stint in the Gladish Community Center, Living Faith Fellowship underwent its first major building project on its newly-acquired property just south of Kimball Street.

Building the Family Center. 90 people and 90 days.

For 90 days in the Summer of 1980, the 90 member church worked nights and weekends building the structure currently known as the Family Center. The original building consisted of an expansive sanctuary for worship, and multiple classrooms for Pullman Christian School and other growing church ministries.

The first service in the new building was held in classroom 111 on the first floor. The unfinished interior was completed gradually over the months as church members continued to give of their time and talents to build a home where the church could worship freely. The newly-completed building became home to dozens of community- and world-building ministries, including the College of Ministry Training, the International Ministry Training program, various worship conferences and symposiums, and many community and family events.

The Family Center received its first addition in 1984 with the construction of the gym and south wing. Outreach to college students was built up in earnest by Phil Vance with the formation of Campus Christian Fellowship. The JCD Company was founded to train and equip students to impact their world for Christ, and the first version of The Carpenter Series was taught to establish all believers in the basics of the Christian faith.

During the 1980s, Living Faith Fellowship became known as a church that was passionate about Biblical foundations and seeing its members enter into experiential Christianity. It was during these years that the church advanced to the cutting-edge of expressive worship; the use of banners, processions, instruments of worship, and dance were all brought into regular corporate church services. The church became known as “A People Built Together Into a Meaningful Relationship in Christ.”